Our Craft Beer Picks for the 2014 Superbowl

Written by on January 28, 2014 in The Beer Diaries

The 2013 NFL season is drawing to a close this Sunday, so it’s high time you started stocking up on beer for the Super Bowl. We know that 1,214 touchdowns were scored this year, but we have no way of knowing how many beers you drank, but we do know that there will be at least a few more, before, during, and after the 2014 Super Bowl!  (There’s no crying in football!)

There's no crying in football, either.

In light of that, here are the Beer Diaries’ suggestions for some of the great craft beer being made in the home states of the participating teams – Colorado and Washington.

Denver Broncos

There has been a fair bit of beer-themed newsworthiness in the Centennial State over the past few weeks, centered around the conference finals.  Left Hand Brewing, from nearby Longmont, pulled a quarterback sneak after the whole world heard Broncos’ pivot Peyton Manning express his preference for Bud Light a few weeks ago.  Then a small Denver brewery called West Flanders poked the beast by overtly naming and styling their latest offering after the Broncos, which went over how one might think it would.  Anyway, there is a plethora of good beer options in Colorado, but you can’t drink them all in one weekend, so here’s a few that we like:

Great Divide

This Denver brewery has racked up the brewing awards and accolades since opening 20 years ago.  They are known for making strong beers, your big stouts, IPAs, and barleywines, which given the time of year it is, it’s pretty cold in the mountains, with or without any Polar Vortex, and those kinds of beers are nice and warming.

Beers to try:
Great Divide4
Titan IPA
Yeti Imperial Stout
Old Ruffian Barleywine
Denver Pale Ale (if you wanna have more than one)



New Belgium

Situated in a gleaming state of the art facility up the I-87 in Fort Collins, New Belgium Brewing makes a wide swath of Belgian-inspired beers, and is known for their eco-friendly business practices, and maintains a reputation as a swell place to work.

Beers to try:

new belgium2
Fat Tire Amber
Abbey Belgian Ale
La Folie
Rampant DIPA




Left Hand

Recently in the news as mentioned above, this Longmont, Colorado brewery has seen major growth as of late, and are also well rated and awarded for the beers that they make.

Beers to try:

Left Hand2Milk Stout
Sawtooth ESB
Smoke Jumper Imperial Porter
Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout





Another solid Colorado craft brewery, plying their wares from Boulder.  Their beers also tend to the higher ABV range (must be the winters there, or something), and have appropriately imperialist head of state names and labels.

Beers to try:

DuganA IPA
Collaboration Not Litigation Ale (if you can find it)
Out of Bounds Stout
Rumpkin Pumpkin Ale (at near 19% ABV, you’ll be seeing the Great Pumpkin appear, all right!)





Seattle Seahawks

71 touchdowns by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, and 41 touchdowns from the Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson doesn’t carry the years of experience that Manning does, but he’s had a solid team behind him this year, on and off the field. The 12th man – the Seahawks fan base – is the loudest in the NFL, and Hilliard’s, a six-person brewery in Seattle, is now selling a Pale Ale affectionately named “The 12th Can.”  Seattle also holds down bragging rights as the best craft beer stadium in the NFL, as CenturyLink Field has many options beyond Coors or Olympia.  Here are a few Beer Diaries’ suggestions for good brews to be found in the most NW part of the Pacific Northwest.


A Seattle craft brewery, they have expanded beyond their original Capitol Hill location, and now have a brewpub downtown, near the stadium itself, which I would imagine is quite the hub of beer-drinking activity on game days.

Beers to try:


Dragonstooth Oatmeal Stout
Nightowl Pumpkin Ale
The Wise ESB
The Immortal IPA




Pike Brewing

Located in the Pike Place Market, a popular tourist destination in downtown Seattle, this brewery is family-owned, and maintains a beer memorabilia, um, layout, at their brewpub in the market.

Beers to try:


XXXXX Extra Stout
Naughty Nellie
Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale




Fremont Brewing

A community-minded brewery in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle (self-styled as “The Center of the Universe”, tongue firmly planted in cheek, I hope), Fremont Brewing has only been up and running for a few years, but make some pretty tasty counterculture brews.

Beers to try:


Interurban IPA
Abominable Ale
Dark Star Oatmeal Stout






Fish Brewing

This brewery is found farther afield in the state capital of Olympia, on an unassuming little side-street (which all seem to have been named after American presidents) outside of downtown.  They split the marketing of their beers between the Fish Tale line (their organic Cascadian ales), their Reel Ales line (their bigger and/or American-style offerings), and the Leavenworth line (their German-style brews).

Beers to try:

fishReel Ales 10-Squared Ale
Fish Tale Winterfish
Leavenworth Eightmile Alt





Well, that’s a wrap, so while we all wait for the big game day, sit back, grab any of the aforementioned, or any other fine craft brew, and enjoy some more meaningless, but danged funny NFL-themed goofiness.



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