The Beer


Curious about the difference between Sparging, Spalt and Spelt? Pilsner, Perle and Phenols? Then the Glossary is your secret treasure-trove of beer knowledge!

  • Ales vs. Lagers

    Ales and lagers encompass all beer styles and differ on their method of fermentation (ales employ top-fermenting yeast at warmer temperatures, and lagers use bottom-fermenting yeast in cooler environments). Ales tend to be richer beers and lagers are usually drier, crisper beers.

  • Lambic

    Originally brewed around Brussels (in the Senne valley, properly), Lambics are sour wheat beers that are spontaneously fermented, and then aged and sometimes blended or mixed with other ingredients (such as fruit). The name is a protected one in Belgium, due to the specific nature of the yeast in the area.