The Beer


Curious about the difference between Sparging, Spalt and Spelt? Pilsner, Perle and Phenols? Then the Glossary is your secret treasure-trove of beer knowledge!

  • Chill Haze

    Chill Haze is a cloudiness that can occur in beer (as well as in whiskey) when it’s cooled to low temperatures. It’s caused by proteins coagulating and is reversible with warming.

  • Chai

    Chai is a variant of Indian masala tea that includes cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and other spices – some brewers use this as an ingredient in their beer.

  • Craft Brewers Conference

    The Craft Brewers Conference is put on by the Brewers Association, occurs yearly, and provides opportunities for knowledge-sharing and training. Beer is also consumed.