The Beer


Curious about the difference between Sparging, Spalt and Spelt? Pilsner, Perle and Phenols? Then the Glossary is your secret treasure-trove of beer knowledge!

Word of the Day

Pumpkin Beer

Usually released to coincide with Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en, these beers typically have real pumpkin added, along with some or all of the spices that are found in pumpkin pie.

  • Adjunct

    Adjuncts are ingredients that replace any of the barley or wheat malt normally used to brew beer. This can be a positive or a negative, depending on the beer and the brewing conditions.

  • Age of Beer

    The first evidence of brewing is from 9000 years ago in ancient China; another documented example is 5000-6000 years ago in Sumeria. Beer is really old!!

  • Ales vs. Lagers

    Ales and lagers encompass all beer styles and differ on their method of fermentation (ales employ top-fermenting yeast at warmer temperatures, and lagers use bottom-fermenting yeast in cooler environments). Ales tend to be richer beers and lagers are usually drier, crisper beers.

  • Alpha Acids

    Alpha Acids are one of the chemical constituents of hops that are responsible for their relative bitterness, as well as some preservative qualities in beer.

  • Amber Ale

    As the name suggests, this is a red or copper colored ale, and is typically is a balanced beer with a predominant malt character. It is very good with many types of food.

  • American IPA

    The American India Pale Ale is a reinterpretation of the class English style, with a focus on powerful, dominating hops. They show citrus, tropical or even spicy characteristics, among others.

  • American-Style Wheat Beer

    Wheat beers use up to 50% wheat for their mash. American Wheat beers don’t have banana or clove flavors, due to a different yeast being used. They are usually pale, easy drinking beers.

  • Attenuation

    Attenuation measures the consumption of sugar by yeast during fermentation. A highly attenuated beer has little residual sugar and is very dry.

  • Barley Wine

    Barley Wines originated in England, and are among the most powerful, malty ales made. American versions are well hopped by comparison.

  • Barrel

    How much beer is there in a barrel? A barrel holds 2 kegs. There are roughly 250 US pints in a US barrel of beer. Measures differ in the UK.