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  • Beer & Festivus!

    Written by on December 17, 2013 in The Beer Diaries

    Ok, maybe not craft beer, but a ‘holiday’ themed Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can pole is grabbing a lot of attention in the United States, chiefly for its placement near existing Christian displays.  Couldn’t they have used Red Racer or Upslope cans instead – you know, class it up a bit?  Probably don’t get those […]

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  • Holiday Beer Guide now available!

    Written by on December 16, 2013 in The Beer Diaries

    With all the hustle and bustle and federally mandated relaxation going on right now, wouldn’t it be nice to kick back with an example or two of the brewing world’s gifts to this special time of year?  We here at the Beer Diaries certainly think so, and have constructed a tidy little package of the […]

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  • Alberta law to change regarding small brewers

    Written by on December 5, 2013 in The Beer Diaries

    Craft beer producers and fans alike in Alberta have cause for celebration today – the government agency responsible for the crippling minimum production requirements for beer production in the province has announced a change to the law.  Here’s to leveling the playing field, and allowing new and exciting (Albertan) brewers to get their wares to […]

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  • Trappist Breweries

    Written by on in The Beer Diaries

    Trappist breweries are those run by Trappists, monastic orders of Cistercian monks, who among many other things, brew beer.  But not just any beer – they specialize in the Belgian styles, especially the high-test, more complex ones. The quality of their products is ensured by the ‘Authentic Trappist Logo’, which has legal standing as far […]

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  • Science and Beer, together again!

    Written by on December 2, 2013 in The Beer Diaries

    We here at the Beer Diaries often wonder about science-related matters when it comes to beer, i.e. ‘Why’s my glass empty?’ (Fluid Dynamics), or ‘Ewwww…that beer is right skunky!’ (Chemical Bonding), or perhaps ‘Why can’t I get that beer here?’ (Scarcity Economics – not a hard science, but still).  Anyways, NPR has a neat story […]

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