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  • More crying wolf about a hops shortage

    Written by on March 3, 2014 in The Beer Diaries

    It does seem that every once in a while, a doom and gloom announcement for the craft beer industry arises: the hops supply is/has been/will be outstripped by demand!  No more IPAs!  Here’s another, at least even-handed look at the situation.  I, too, have a strong faith in the market forces, and farmers, to keep […]

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  • Beer bets in the corridors of power

    Written by on February 21, 2014 in The Beer Diaries

    For at least the past few iterations of the Olympic Games, the leaders of the United States and Canada have wagered a case of home-country brewed beer in their respective bets as to who would win the men’s and women’s hockey competitions between the two nations.  As of today, it appears that President Obama once […]

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  • Look up in the sky – it’s, it’s…beer!

    Written by on February 13, 2014 in The Beer Diaries

    Is expected convenience and the technology that loves it going a bit too far these days?  Flying drone delivery seems a tad creepy and Orwellian to this camper, and the American FAA has its own issues with it, as a brewery in Minnesota recently found out.

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  • Winter Beer Guide now available!

    Written by on February 6, 2014 in The Beer Diaries

    The days may be getting imperceptibly longer, but it’s still cold and miserable outside here in the northern hemisphere, and with the holidays a distant memory now, brewers are still focusing on making their heavier, heartier, and boozier seasonal offerings, often simply called ‘<insert-brewery-name> Winter Ale’.  Typical descriptors include fruity, spiced, caramelized, and warming, but […]

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  • Self-serve pub tables debut in Alberta

    Written by on February 4, 2014 in The Beer Diaries

    With an amendment to its liquor serving policies last year, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) now allows for the installation of self-serve, table-top beer dispensing systems.  The first is now in operation at O’Byrne’s, one of the oldest Irish-themed pubs on Whyte Avenue, Edmonton’s main entertainment district.  They appear to be very gimmicky, […]

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