Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow: Brewsters Hawaiian Coconut Porter

Written by on November 15, 2013 in Beer Today Gone Tomorrow

This is a brief recounting of my experience with Brewsters Hawaiian Coconut Porter, which I got in bottle-form in Calgary. It’s available seasonally in Brewers locations in Alberta and BC. Short summary: it’s really tasty.


Brewsters is a well-known chain of brewpubs based in Alberta and Saskatchewan with some solid standard beers plus a variety of interesting seasonal and rotating beers. I’ve recently enjoyed their Tongue Cutter IPA and Saison, but one of Brewsters’ beers that recently blew me away was their Hawaiian Coconut Porter. If you’re a fan of The Beer Diaries videos and have watched our 512 Brewing episode, you’ll see that I’m a sucker for Porter, and am not adverse to Porters with some interesting additions (I’m looking at you Pecan Porter and Coco Cerise).


The Hawaiian Coconut Porter initially seems like a fairly standard Porter, with some nice roasty notes dominating the first taste of a dark, medium-bodied beer. Just when you think you’re drinking a standard Porter some crafty sweet coconut notes appear and make the finish absolutely amazing: it’s still dry (as in “not overly sweet”) but has some subtle notes of coconut sweetness that absolutely demand another sip. This beer is absolutely delicious and surprisingly complex; if you’re anywhere near a Brewsters I’d make the trip to check it out.



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