Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow: Amsterdam Boneshaker IPA

Written by on November 13, 2013 in Beer Today Gone Tomorrow

Hey folks, this is the first in a new series of blog posts we affectionately call Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow. The purpose of these posts is to tell you what beers we’re drinking at The Beer Diaries, and to give you a brief, informed impression. These aren’t meant to be a formalized review, but by reading these posts they should help you decide if you want to try the beer in question.

In addition to some brief notes and background on the beer, we’ll let you know where we’re drinking these beers so you can determine if they’re in your local market.

First up is Amsterdam’s Boneshaker IPA. I had this beer on October 30th in Edmonton.

Amsterdam is one of the oldest craft breweries in Toronto, and I recently had a chance to try their Boneshaker Unfiltered IPA. Overall I’d rate this a decent, but not exceptional beer. First sniff had a decent “classic” IPA hops nose with pine and citrus notes and then diverged from the usual IPA expectation with a fairly big malt profile both in the smell, and the flavor.

The bottle lists this beer as “Over the Top Hops” but I found it slightly malt heavy though with a decent hops dose over top. Online the hops are listed as Amarillo, but  this surprised me as it didn’t display the typical Grapefruit character you find with Amarillo and instead the citrus notes were paired with an earthiness you’d see in an English hop like Fuggle or Goldings. The finish is a bit tart and does endure on the tongue for a while. Mouthfeel was pretty nice, with a very slight oiliness and medium carbonation. Overall I enjoyed it but not sure I’d get it again in bottle; I’d try it on draft to get a different take and see if that changes my perspective.



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