Postmark Summer Saison

Reviewed by on July 5, 2016 in Summer Guide

The Details

  • Brewery: Postmark Brewing

  • Origin: Vancouver, BC, CA

  • Rated On: July 5, 2016

  • Best Before: N/A

  • ABV: 4.7%

  • Ideal Temperature: cool to cellar temperature

  • Style: Saison

  • Rating: GOOD !

The Review

Vancouver’s Postmark Brewing releases a number of different Saisons, and this one is proclaimed to be ‘Bright | Fresh | Orange’ – everything a summery Saison should be, so let’s see.

This 650ml bottle pours a slightly hazy, yet bright medium golden yellow colour, with three fingers of puffy, finely foamy, and fizzy eggshell white head, which leaves some approaching storm system lace around the glass as it slowly and evenly subsides.

It smells of gritty and grainy wheat malt, estery yeast, mixed citrus and melon fruity notes, white pepper and coriander spice, and some plain earthy, leafy, and floral green hop bitters. The taste is crackery pale malt, a fairly dry wheatiness, kind of acrid yeast, some muddled orange, white grapefruit, and banana chip fruitiness, aerosol pepper dust, earthy coriander, and more gentle floral and dead grassy hoppiness.  The carbonation is quite active in its swirling and probing frothiness, the body a decent middleweight, and mostly smooth, just a bit of phenolic yeasty astringency mucking about. It finishes pushing dry, the crackery malt, lingering spice, and yup, yeast calling the shots, as such.

Overall, not a bad version of the style, crisp and quaffable, with a nice, almost thirst-quenching quality. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get more of the Huell Melon hop’s fruitiness, but that’s ok, there’s lots of other good things going on in this brew to easily make up for that!

Brady White



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