Parallel 49 Brews Brothers Bat Outta Hell

Reviewed by on May 4, 2016 in Spring Guide

The Details

  • Brewery: Parallel 49 Brewing Company

  • Origin: Vancouver, BC, CA

  • Rated On: May 4, 2016

  • Best Before: N/A

  • ABV: 6.5%

  • Ideal Temperature: cool to cellar temperature

  • Style: Bock

  • Rating: GOOD !

The Review

‘Bat Outta Hell’ is part of the current Brews Brothers Vol. Two mixed pack, and a collaboration with North Van’s Bridge Brewing. This time they’ve gone with some good ol’ Meat Loaf as the musical accompaniment, to make a so-called ‘dark Helles bock’ – isn’t that an oxymoron of sorts?

This 341ml bottle pours a clear, dark orange-brick amber colour, with three fat fingers of puffy, somewhat rocky, and bubbly beige head, which leaves a band of spooky cobwebbed lace around the glass as it slowly and gently recedes.

It smells of semi-sweet, grainy and doughy pale malt, further blackened cereals, some muddled dark berry fruitiness, a touch of free-range char, and plain earthy, leafy and floral noble hop bitters. The taste is sharp, yet mildly toasted and bready pale malt, some middling earthy yeast, blended dark orchard fruity notes, a suggestion of biscuity caramel, and more understated leafy, musty, and slightly perfumed floral hoppiness. The carbonation is fairly wan in its hard to really pin down frothiness, the body a solid medium weight, and mostly smooth, just a wee boozy debutante the fly in the proverbial ointment here. It finishes off-dry, the base maltiness still proving who’s in charge, along with a little help from its lingering fruity and estery friends.

Overall, a decent bock, irrespective of its light/dark image issues, with a nice (apparently hop-borne) robust fruitiness. I’m not all that familiar with the titular song, but I do have some recollection of part II, and all the video iconography that surrounded its mass appeal – black and white abounded, so, yeah, this works.

Brady White



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