Mill Street Spring Thaw Maple Ale

Reviewed by on March 25, 2015 in Spring Guide

The Details

  • Brewery: Mill Street Brew Pub

  • Origin: Toronto, ON, CA

  • Rated On: March 25, 2015

  • Best Before: N/A

  • ABV: 5.3%

  • Ideal Temperature: cool to cellar temperature

  • Style: Scottish Ale

  • Rating: GOOD !

The Review

Spring Thaw is part of Mill Street’s Spring Mix seasonal sampler. Made with smoked malt and local maple syrup, maybe this will finally cast off the shackles of the lingering snow mass in this town.

This 355ml bottle pours a clear, dark brassy amber colour, with two fingers of mildly bubbly, loosely foamy, and somewhat creamy dirty beige head, which leaves a few mitochondrial specks of lace around the glass as it quickly settles. Looks like Scottish ale to me.

It smells of sweet, mildly roasted biscuity caramel malt, a soft stewed drupe fruitiness, subtle woody maple esters, oily nuts, and faint leafy, earthy hops. The taste is more sugary and biscuity pale malt, a touch of caramel/toffee, some light dry nuttiness, the slightest twinge of peaty smoke, and weedy, earthy hops. The bubbles are present and accounted for, and maybe a wee bit frothy, the body a decent medium weight, and mostly smooth, that bit of virtual ash distracting at times. It finishes well off-dry, the bready caramel malt, nuttiness, and near-faded fruitiness finally coming to face a late-arriving, clearly discernible, but still agreeably acrid smokiness.

I don’t know where the maple syrup all went, maybe it was just fermented out, so it was nice to get a dose of the label’s proclaimed smoky character, even so late in the game. Anyways, a tasty enough tipple, and the wee wisp of smoke is enough to shift this one from decent amber ale to the more appropriate Scottish ale designation.

Brady White



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