Mikkeller Frelser

Reviewed by on April 1, 2015 in Spring Guide

The Details

  • Brewery: Mikkeller

  • Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Rated On: April 1, 2015

  • Best Before: N/A

  • ABV: 11.0%

  • Ideal Temperature: cool to cellar temperature

  • Style: Doppelbock

  • Rating: GOOD !

The Review

Frelser is gypsy brewer Mikkeller’s idea of a further amped-up doppelbock – a triple bock, or Trippelbock Holy Ale, in their words!  The label has some fun with the early springtime Christian rite of Ash Wednesday, by depicting the ashes on the forehead as forming the iconic Mikkeller cowboy hat, instead of a cross.

This 750ml bottle pours a very dark, not all that clear, reddish cola hue, with many, many fingers of rocky, foamy, and bubbly mocha head, which settles like it missed its plane, eventually rendering a lovely tight honeycomb pattern of lace around the glass.

In the aroma, I get some well-soused fruity malt, mostly of the toasted caramel variety, some equally warm vinous raisin, brown sugar, a touch of treacle, mild anise, and a spicy, surprisingly bitter hoppiness. After that lay ’em down welcome, the taste carries on the show with a nice switcheroo – big dry, powdery chocolate, some continuing hot red wine essence, sugary molasses, a fruit salad of simple grocery store quality, and a surprisingly thorough representation of edgy worldly hops – bitter and spicy enough to keep this malt orgy in check, I gather. Any bubbles originally present in this brew gave it up upon cap poppage – very little remain at this juncture. The body is a wonderland (good grief, what have I become?) – smooth, creamy, but delicately even – no sugary overdose here. As it comes to a close, the pleasantly semi-sweet chocolate maintains its hold, deferring somewhat to the residual in-house Yankee hops, which not so shockingly have won their fraternal war of attrition.

An agreeably drinkable, big-ass doppelbock? Oh my, yes. A tripel of the same accord? I’m not going to wank on beer etymology, so I’ll just say, whatever the hell they call it, I’m in. If named (in Danish, at that) only for the well-hidden ‘triple’ or ‘quad’ level ABV, this is still one enjoyably tasty and bomb-worthy monster bock.

Brady White



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