Drummond Beer Beer

Reviewed by on November 22, 2013 in Local Heroes Guide

The Details

  • Brewery: Drummond Brewing Company

  • Origin: Red Deer, AB

  • Rated On: August 5, 2013

  • Best Before: N/A

  • ABV: 5.0%

  • Ideal Temperature: cold to cool

  • Style: Pale Lager

  • Rating: GOOD !

The Review

The current incarnation of the Drummond Brewing company came about in 2009, when a few Red Deer locals bought up the lapsed trademark from a brewery of the same name that operated in the 1980s.  They convinced the original brewer to come back, and set about making beer with only Alberta barley, eschewing the adjunct grains of the past.  This can had me at “Beer”, but they had to throw in the extra “Beer”, and well, nothin’ else, eh? I suppose “Beer” could be an adjective, if you look at it just so.

This beer pours a crystal clear, pale golden amber colour, with two fat fingers of foamy, chunky, foamy dirty white head, which leaves some broad swaths of streaky, sudsy island chain lace around the glass as it steadily blows off.

It smells of semi-sweet, somewhat generic, grainy cereal malt, a bit of wet paper bag, and earthy, musty, grassy hops. The taste is basic, lightly biscuity plain grainy malt, with a twinge of glutenous breakfast cereal, a bit more damp cardboard, and some mild weedy, hay-like hops. Huh <scratches head>. The carbonation is rather low for this sort of offering, the body light in weight, sure, but nowhere near thin, and maybe a tad clammy, but weirdly, or maybe just unexpectedly, unassailably smooth. It finishes off-dry, the now flattened graininess riding things out, and the hops slipping under the radar.

Um, what? I had this a few years or so ago, still in the new incarnation of the Drummond brewery, and the carpet matched the drapes – that is to say, the can’s contents were worthy of the minimalist packaging. Well, what can I say – things have changed, and for the better – there indeed doesn’t seem to be any adjuncts employed here – the graininess just seems too real.  The proof is in the pudding – this is now probably the best value category sixer available locally, by a league or two, and not just when considering per-unit cost.

Brady White



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