Central City Red Racer Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ale

Reviewed by on September 28, 2018 in Autumn Guide

The Details

  • Brewery: Central City Brewers + Distillers

  • Origin: Surrey, BC, CA

  • Rated On: September 28, 2018

  • Best Before: packaged August 27, 2018

  • ABV: 5.0%

  • Ideal Temperature: cool to cellar temperature

  • Style: Pumpkin Ale

  • Rating: GOOD !

The Review

I’ve never heard of the titular cookie, but after a quick check, it appears to be what Americans call a sugar cookie. Anyways.

This 650ml bottle pours a clear, dark bronzed amber colour, with three fingers of puffy, loosely foamy, and bubbly beige head, which leaves some approaching iceberg floe profile lace around the glass as it lazily evaporates.

It smells of bready and doughy caramel malt, some ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon spice, a faint pumpkin fleshiness, and very subtle earthy, musty, and floral green hop bitters.  The taste is gritty and grainy caramel malt, brown sugar syrup, more ginger and metallic cinnamon spiciness, still fairly weak vegetal pumpkin notes, and some plain earthy, floral, and herbal hoppiness.  The carbonation is average in its palate-coating frothiness, the body a solid medium weight, and quite smooth, with a wee airy creaminess seeping in once things warm up a tad out of the ol’ basement frigo.  It finishes off-dry, the sugary malt and mixed spices showing the most lingering chutzpah.

Overall – well, they have certainly achieved what they set out to do here, I have to say.  Yup, the flavours are pretty much a cinnamon sugar cookie in liquid format, and a fine one at that.  Pretty good, especially if this is your type of thing.

Brady White



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