Anheuser-Busch Redbridge

Reviewed by on August 28, 2015 in Gluten-Free Guide

The Details

  • Brewery: Anheuser-Busch

  • Origin: St. Louis, MO, US

  • Rated On: August 28, 2015

  • Best Before: born on April 13, 2015

  • ABV: 4.0%

  • Ideal Temperature: cold to cool

  • Style: Amber Lager

  • Rating: OKAY

The Review

Redbridge is a bucolic-sounding offering from mega-brewing concern AB-Inbev (although it only sez Anheuser-Busch on the front label), made solely with sorghum as the grain base, and corn syrup, y’know, just because.

This 12oz bottle pours a clear, bright medium copper amber colour, with one finger of loosely foamy, and mostly just fizzy dirty white head, which leaves a bit of some fat guy’s cannonball splash lace around the glass as things slowly recede.

It smells of musty, floral, and faintly toasted grain (best way I can describe sorghum, I suppose), slightly off apple cider, further indistinct yeast fruit esters, and some weak leafy, grassy hop bitters. The taste is grainy, lightly doughy, well, wet bread, dead flowers, fairly overripe apples, phenolic yeast, a hint of white pepper, a random cold medicine thing from when I was a kid, and very tame earthy, grassy hops. The carbonation is quite light in its limited time offer frothiness, the body a so-so middleweight, and sort of smooth, the mixed and growing fruity sourness not doing anyone any favours here. It finishes off-dry, and verging on sweet – plain bready grain, and lingering yeasty fruit.

Yeah, this is certainly not as bad as I might have been expecting going in, as it bests Bards (another sorghum-only brew), but still falls short in many other aspects. The malt is too thin, the fruitiness overly musty, and the hops either unpleasant or way too under the radar. And now we know, and knowing is…

Brady White



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