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Beer Guides are virtual synopsises of the best, or save that, the most interesting, or sometimes just plain wacky examples of craft beers that fall into certain broad, pre-determined categories - seasonal, event-oriented, and the like. The reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt.

The Spring Beer Guide

Kiss me, I'm not Irish!

As winter hopefully gasps its last, we turn to bocks, Märzens, and all things Irish to welcome in spring (your mileage may vary, give or take a month or so). The snow ain't gone yet, but our collective memory of it soon will be - pass me a craft brew!

Get sprung in spring →

The Autumn Beer Guide

This ain't no pumpkin latte

Late summer quickly fades to fall days, and two types of beer emerge: Oktoberfests, for that bacchanal of the same name, and harvest veggie flavoured brews, chief among them the mighty pumpkin. Try a few of these with a backyard firepit, or at least central heating.

Ein prosit! →

The Summer Beer Guide

Don't drink and suntan

The lazy days of summer call for the thirst-quenching and celebratory nature of a fine brew more than ever - enjoy our suggestions responsibly, whether at the lake, golf course, or backyard BBQ!

Let's cool things down →

Gluten-Free Beer Guide

No gluten, no mas

Whether you have a natural intolerance to gluten, or you've chosen to alter your diet to exclude it, beer is usually not going to work for you. Of course, there are exceptions, and we would like to help separate the wheat (and barley) from the chaff.

Sorghum, rice, what? →

Local Heroes Beer Guide

The Beer Next Door

What about the brewer just down the street, or across town, working hard to keep the thirsty masses happy? A few of the principals of the Beer Diaries reside in Alberta, Canada, and would like to show off some of their locally-made craft beer offerings.

Local Beer Makes Good →

The Winter Beer Guide

Beer + Snow = Good Times

The holidays are over for another year, yet the air outside is still rather frightful. No matter what a fat rodent says, we'll be needing some strong, sturdy brews to help keep us warm for a little while yet, so here are our hopefully helpful suggestions.

Let's warm things up →

The Holiday Beer Guide

Beer is stocking-approved!

If it’s beer you’re choosing to help enjoy and/or endure serious familial interfacing come the high holiday season, we’ve got a few helpful suggestions for you. First hint – brewers tend to up the octane at the first sign of waning temperatures. Just sayin’.

The brews that saved Christmas →



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