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We love craft beer and can't help talking about it, now see what we're really like!

The Team

Brady White

Brady White

Senior Beer Correspondent

A tech-head by training and vocation, my beer appreciation slowly evolved to the point where a certain desire to combine these dual aspects became inevitable. Enter the Beer Diaries, where I do indeed merge these twin pursuits, in the form of background technical support, beer dissection, and content management.

Greg Zeschuk

Greg Zeschuk

Chief Beer Enthusiast

Born in Edmonton, trained as a medical doctor, made video games as one of the founders of BioWare, and after retirement started The Beer Diaries. Greg hosts The Beer Diaries and writes about beer for

Greg has held a lot of jobs over his life, but beer is his true passion!

Mike Mann

Mike Mann

Creative Director

Mike Mann is a filmmaker and photographer born and raised in Austin, Texas: a fine place to drink a pint.  He started making films in grade school, employing friends as actors in his adventure stories, and using his father’s VHS camera to capture the moment. This led to documentary film-making, including the "Brewed" documentary, and to his present position as Creative Director of the Beer Diaries.

What We Do

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Whenever we're asked what we do on The Beer Diaries we pause, take a moment and gather our thoughts on how to best explain our deep passion for craft beer.

On the surface we look like an internet TV channel covering craft beer, or perhaps we're a review site that puts together carefully structured and considered beer guides, or even a blog celebrating craft beer culture. In truth we're all of those things, and more. We love craft beer so much we've chosen to create as much content as we can to help educate and promote craft beer. If you're like us, you'll definitely find something interesting here, so take a look around and let us know what you think!